More value out of your audience

We bring the new programmatic transparancy

More value out of your audience

The new programmatic transparancy

Publishing and premium content creation is an essential activity in any society. Content creators should be the main recipient of the value derived from the digital audience attracted to the content that they create.

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More revenue


The unified auction means every impression is monetized. The traditional waterfall set ups leads to the lost of impression up to 10%. All the demand competes in one single auction the result higher eCPM. Our holistic vision and integrated platform create more and better monetized impressions

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Less Costs

guaranteed lowests costs

Our low overhead and integrated technology guarantees the lowest costs of use for you. Our unique partnership with IPONWEB (world wide biggest supplier of programmatic technology) give you access to the most advanced setup and technology solutions there available in the market.

We share a vision that any content owner with a digital audience should have the dominant share of ad revenue in the digital ad market.

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Lower Risks

Privacy proof & gdpr compliant

New privacy regulation (GDPR) requires new approaches to deal with the personal data of your audience. The fines are high (€20 million or if higher 4% of your world wide income) but we believe that your audience is also entitled to more transparency.

It will not be easy, but we believe the the digital ad industry will improve by applying a privacy by default approach, a more symbiotic approach to digital audiences and their personal data. With this approach, we will be compliant with new privacy regulation by default and will have access to more validated quality data.

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The digital ad industry calls out for more transparancy.
we fully agree.

We want to breath transparency in the ad industry and we organize our service to you in such way that it feels that we swimming naked in a big aquarium with fully polished glass sides.

We feel your trust but any auditor will be welcomed to confirm our transparency rules.

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YieldPro platform - Unified Auction - SSP and Adserver integrated

YieldPro platform

YieldPro Pricing

Our invoice is on your invoice

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Fixed amount per impression

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Direct payments to your bank account

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