We stay clear of conflicts of interest by only serving parties at the sell side of the programmatic spectrum

Our vision and mission

Publishing and premium content creation is an essential activity in any society. Content creators should be te main recipient of the value derived from the digital audience attracted to the content that they create.

YieldPro guarantees low programmatic costs, but our focus is on more value creation for you. YieldPro offers the service level based upon your needs, which may change over time.


Our holistic vision and solutions create more and better monetized impressions.


Our low overhead and integrated technology guarantees the lowest costs of use for you.


The digital ad industry calls out for more transparancy. We fully agree and act as such. In every aspect.


New privacy laws require new approaches how to deal with personal data. We manage the solution together with you.


Full disclosure about fees, data, and advertising sales.


Your succes is our succes. The user friendlyness of our system makes the benefits easy accessible.


We want to offer the most advanced programmatic experience for any party with an audience.


We gathered an unique mix of commercial publishing expertise and practical programmatic skills.

We are not a price fighter.
We are a value creator to anyone with an audience

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the golden transparancy rules

  • You can always see the costs of our service on the invoice to you.
  • Any proceeds from your digital ad inventory can directly go to your bank account.
  • YieldPro does not have any interest in the demand side. We only service the supply side. Therefore, there is no conflict of interest.
  • All data in the platform are fully accessible by you, easy, organized and complete.

The data control rules

  • You have full acces to your data, the data that is any way related to your impressions and your digital audience
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  • All data are available 24/7, real time
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  • When we are talking about all data, we mean that you have acess to the most complete data possibly available
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IPONWEB is an AI, Data & Engineering Company We are global leaders in programmatic and real-time advertising technology and infrastructure. Privately owned, totally independent and sitting behind the scenes, we are those people crunching numbers, designing algorithms, and writing code. Our passion is for solving the complex computational questions around probability, data processing, and scale – all of which just happen to be prevalent in online advertising.




Herman Mantel

Co-founder, sales & marketing

Tom Sanders

Co-founder, product development

Johnno Scholte

Programmatic client manager