YieldPro is the next generation

publisher trading platform

The YieldPro platform

PTP combines a set of tools developed specifically for publishers with bespoke algorithms, optimization and customization

The YieldPro programmatic platform is designed for publishers to optimize their digital audience, it:

  • Gives the publisher it’s ideal solution for inventory-planning and allocation, campaign execution and optimization, reporting and forecasting.
  • Enables publishers to trade and control inventory through any deal and media types.
  • Fosters long-term strategic partnerships with our clients.
  • Is a custom set of flexible supply-side tools.

YieldPro Core

The YieldPro platform combines a set of tools developed specifically for publishers. The platform is driven by bespoke algorithms and offers optimization and customization tools.

YieldPro offers full support

Publisher Solution Benefits

YieldPro combines a set of tools developed specificially for publishers with bespoke algorithms, optimization and customization.


  • Immediate access to expansive & curated demand.
  • Smart planning and execution through accurate audience based forecasting capabilities.
  • Optimize operational costs through a centralized platform.


  • Cut reliance on endpoint solutions
  • Audience integration on all layers of the platform.
  • Easy planning and conflict resolution capabilities.


  • Optimize operation costs through a centralized platform


  • Data security
  • Fraud protection
  • Transparancy

YieldPro likes to simplify the eco-system

One platform for Display, Video, and Radio
One platform for Advertising, SSP, Ad Networks, HeaderBidding

Advantages of a Unified Auction


The YieldPro programmatic platform enables the unified auction. With the unified auction every impression is monetized. No revenu will be lost.

The traditional waterfall set up of programmatic platforms, in which impressions are sent from one place to another, results into a loss of impressions up to 15-27%.


With our solution, where the integration of the SSP and the ad server prevents the lost of impressions, all the demand competes in one single auction resulting into a significant higher eCPM.

YieldPro is connected with the big majority of DSP’s, as a result of which the loss of impressions is further reduced.


Our low overhead and integrated technology guarantees the lowest costs for you. Our unique and exclusive partnership with IPONWEB (world wide biggest supplier of programmatic technology) gives you access to the most advanced setup and programmatic technology solution of all that are available in the market.

Our clients only pay for one advertising technology solution, whereas others usually use 4 to 5 different advertising technology suppliers in order to achieve the same technical advertising solution.


  • You can always see the costs of our service on the invoice to you. Our income is equal to the invoices we send to our clients.
  • Any proceeds from your digital ad inventory can be paid directly to your bank account.
  • YieldPro does not have any interest in the demand side. We only service thesupply side in order to avoid any conflict of interest.
  • You have full access to all data related to your ad inventory. We make it easy, organized and complete, 24/7, real time.

YieldPro services comprise


  • Adserver
  • SSP
  • HeaderBidding integration
  • Integration Ad networks
  • Connection to DSP's
  • Platform for:
  • ―Desktop
  • ―Mobile
  • ―Video
  • ―Audio


  • Set-up and migration
  • Commercial advice
  • Campaign Management
  • Yield management
  • Demand Management
  • Reporting
  • Invoicing
  • 1st and 2nd line support
  • DSP strategy


  • Dedicated client managers
  • Consulting and operational support
  • Staffing at your location